Achieve Fire Code Compliance in New Zealand with GWE Property

by Jul 27, 2023Advice

What to Look Out For and What You Need to Know

We’ve dealt with compliance requirements across many different continents as well as New Zealand. Our collective experience and these broader insights means you can have confidence that we will make sure your property or estate is compliant and safe for those people to occupy, visit and trade from. Our experience working with the various authorities that you may encounter means there are very few situations we have not already faced and successfully resolved. We believe that, at the very least, a building must be wind and weather tight and safe to occupy or visit.

Our experience is that all buildings are individual. Even if they are constructed the same, their functionality, use and performance requirements will differ. The knowledge built, as a professional, through some extremely complex situations sets us in great stead for the next challenge faced, but what if it’s the first time you have faced it though?

We have worked on compliance issues relating to complex multistorey buildings, hospitals, schools, universities, hotels, leisure complexes, religious places of worship often where those with limited experience struggle to deal with the relevant authority. We excel in situations where the ‘textbook’ answers do not fit.

Fire Safety in New Zealand

At GWE Property, we understand the importance of achieving fire code compliance in New Zealand. We can help you understand the regulations and features that need to be addressed to comply with the NZ fire safety code and ensure the safety of your building. Our experts are here to guide you through the process to make sure your building meets the highest standards of fire safety.

 Fire Dangers to Look Out For

When trying to achieve fire code compliance in New Zealand, there are some key fire dangers to look out for. These include combustible materials, lack of fire safety features, and extreme temperatures. It is important to take steps to address any of these concerns before submitting your application for fire code compliance.

It is important to take into account key elements like compartmentation best practices, fire stopping elements, protected routes, and maximum occupancy.

 Key Features of the NZ Fire Code

The NZ Fire Code contains a number of essential features that must be addressed in every building in order to achieve fire code compliance. These include adequate fire safety measures, fire safety systems, and fire safety policies. By addressing these key features, you can ensure that your building is fire safe and compliant with the NZ fire code.