Bank and Loan Monitoring

Let’s face it most people have to fund the work they are doing and the bank or other institution is likely to want an independent person to oversee the development to protect their interests.

GWE are recognised as being professional, trustworthy and independent by the lending institutions in New Zealand and often our involvement will:

  • RHelp with cost and program planning
  • RHelp with cash flow forecasts
  • RCarry out interim inspections to report back to your lender

We are often the difference between the green light or further frustrating delays, unlocking your project by giving the bank or institution confidence that you have considered all risks and have a professional team on board to run your project

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We offer a very broad range of services across both commercial and large residential property projects. If you’re not sure what you need or whether we can help, please simply GET IN TOUCH.

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What our clients say

"I was having problems with my body corporate and a decision they made regarding visitors parking, which was regularly obstructing my carport. I was looking for a professional and came across GWE Property and Building Advice during my Google search. Ben was a compassionate and caring professional from the first phone call. He was certainly knowledgeable and empathetic, having been in a similar personal situation. This made the experience very relaxing because I knew I was in good hands. My parking space was evaluated discreetly, and an excellent and fair letter was written for me to return to my body corp. GWE relieved a tremendous amount of stress for which I am eternally grateful. This type of service is undoubtedly beneficial to those who lack the knowledge or know-how to approach such issues. Thank you once more, GWE!"

Jasmine George  |  Takapuna