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Buying a Property

  • tThinking of buying a property, want to know if its hiding any secrets?
  • tNeed some advice on outstanding Code Compliance or Weathertightness concerns?

Buying a property is always fraught with dangers and unseen issues. It pays to use an independent consultant who can remain emotionally detached from your purchase and who can get a real understanding of your needs. 

 At GWE Property, we work with property purchasers to ensure you are getting the best deal on the table as well providing detail reporting so you know what you are getting into. Our experience means you’re less likely to make the wrong decision based on incorrect information.

Pre Purchase Inspection Reports

What do you want to get from your project and has your consultant really advised you on the most appropriate way to deliver your project successfully? On time, to a reasonable standard and on budget?

Compliance, Fire and Code Compliance

Our collective experience working across many different continents, and specifically in New Zealand ensures, by instructing us, you can have confidence in making sure your property or estate is compliant and safe for…

Poor Workmanship, Failing Components, Defective Diagnosis, Building Pathology

In a lot of ways us humans get this inexplicable sense of something not being quite right, I am not sure how we do this but we do. Sometimes, though, we can be a little down on buildings in New Zealand anticipating things are going to be a disaster but is this entirely fair?

Code Compliance Administration

Our Code Compliance Administration Service means that we collate and submit the documentation necessary to apply for your Code Compliance Certificate. If you require advice on outstanding Code Compliance issues or Certificates of Acceptance please refer to our other services.