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Commercial Property Operator


Not sure about your property and legal compliance to allow you to operate safely and in a healthy environment?


Want to understand what you have, what condition it is in and the cost of ongoing maintenance and development?


Need to formulate a condition and compliance benchmark, an asset management plan or strategic capex plan?


Want to redevelop, remodel or deliver a new build?


Want to develop policy and procedure for your property or estate?

At GWE Property & Building Advice we understand that generic, 200 page reports with 2 or so pages of useful content are both wasteful of everyone’s time and fees. Drawing on our extensive experience we will work with you to understand what you need to know and focus on this saving both money and time. We wont waste your time or money on things you do not need to know zeroing in on the things you do – consider us like an extension of your own teams.

We have extensive experience in tailoring procedures and process to help you manage your estate at an optimal level, advising you and your operators talking your specific business language and communicating findings on your level.

Pre Purchase Inspection/Technical Due Diligence

If you’re thinking of buying a property then you need to taken all the steps to prevent you acquiring someone else’s problems, hidden in the building too

Condition Surveying, Space Utilisation Surveys, Fire Compartmentation Surveys, Interim Condition and Cyclical Inspections

The term ‘Surveying’ is used to describe a very broad and diverse group of activities, below we list the kinds of surveys we can help with, these can be requested in isolation or as a group of inspections to help you understand your existing building or property estate.

Statutory Compliance and Risk Management

Our experience tells us that what distinguishes risk management from compliance can be different from business to business – we can work with you to define what this is from a property and occupational perspective. So few of our competitors do this, we believe this is an essential starting point in our instruction.

Compliance, Fire and Code Compliance

Our collective experience working across many different continents, and specifically in New Zealand ensures, by instructing us, you can have confidence in making sure your property or estate is compliant and safe for…

Landlord and Tenant

We have a real passion about this area of our professional consultancy and have offered our clients, whether they are Landlord or Tenant, pragmatic money saving professional advice and support. Our experience in the various stages of the lifecycle of the agreement can help ensure complete visibility, understanding and compliance along with assisting in the negotiation of the agreement at the outset.

Commercial Property Design Brief

GWE prides itself on its ability to understand and get to the key objectives our client needs to achieve from their project – this is a skill that can only be developed over many years of managing complex projects and project programmes. All too often, we hear clients’ aesthetic requirements (something designers love to discuss)…

Feasibility Studies

Our extensive experience in reviewing the feasibility of the proposal from all of these angles, to support the business case required to justify a development, is probably second to none. We have worked with banks, investors and corporates in putting together feasibility studies, working on several multi-million projects that relied on our conclusions in their decision-making process.

Procurement Advice

What three things are the most important aspect of your project above all others? The reason we ask this is quite important because which ever one you pick will inform the most appropriate procurement route for your project.

Contract Administration and Engineer to the Contract NZS:3910

GWE Property have extensive experience of administering NZS:3910 and performing the duty of Engineer to the Contract and, on some occasions the duty of Engineers Representative. Whilst the Engineer to the Contract must remain an independent person ensuring the contractual obligations…

Technical Assurance, Site Observation & Quality Audits

Our team has decades worth of experience in designing, procuring, and managing construction projects in domestic, commercial, industrial and specialist environments.

Design, Project Coordination and Management

Do you know what you want? In fact, let me re-phrase this. More importantly, do you know what you need? At GWE Property , we can assist you to get what want from your project and ensure your consultant has really advised you on the most appropriate way to deliver your project successfully, on time…

Avoiding Poor Workmanship, Failing Components, Defect Diagnosis and Building Pathology

In a lot of ways us humans get this inexplicable sense of something not being quite right, I am not sure how we do this but we do. Sometimes, though, we can be a little down on buildings in New Zealand…

Maintenance Planning


GWE Property has a great deal of experience in supporting policyholders in the process of commencing an insurance claim or resolving disputes on your behalf. Our team can assist you with the following for you, quickly and easily, so you can reduce the stress and disruption whilst ensuring your property is fully reinstated to an acceptable standard.

Investment/Bank Monitoring

Pre Development Surveys

Having spent many years working through disputes on both sides of the fence we have found that its all won and lost around the evidence available before and after the construction process begins. As a builder, developer or infrastructure specialist working in a tight site or one where the site is adjacent to buildings or structures it makes sense to…