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Building a Property


Having discussions about building, extending or remodelling a property and not sure where to start?


Have a ongoing project but not happy with how things are progressing?

    In the process of building a property, perhaps as an investment or your next home? Very quickly you will find that there are a lot of people involved in your project. They will all tell you that they have your best interests at heart. But do they?

    At GWE Property, we help to ensure everyone is focused on delivering you the property you want. It sounds obvious, but we often see the reality of a new build becoming very different to the dream.

    Buying a Property


    Thinking of buying a property, want to know if its hiding any secrets?


    Need some advice on outstanding Code Compliance or Weathertightness concerns?

      Buying a property is always fraught with dangers and unseen issues. It pays to use an independent consultant who can remain emotionally detached from your purchase and who can get a real understanding of your needs.

      At GWE Property, we work with property purchasers to ensure you are getting the best deal on the table as well providing detail reporting so you know what you are getting into. Our experience means you’re less likely to make the wrong decision based on incorrect information.

      Owning a property shouldn’t be stressful.


      Keen to understand your legal responsibilities and repaired condition of your building or estate?


      Need to formulate policy or procedure around maintenance and/or development of your property or estate?

        There can be issues at any stage of property ownership, right through from build, through to purchase and then to actual ownership. We cover all phases. At GWE Property we work with property owners throughout New Zealand, assisting with disputes, insurance claims and working with Body Corps.

        Body Corporate, Long Term Maintenance Plans & Unit Titles Act 2010


        We are a Body Corporate and need some assistance


        I am considering buying a property in a property where there is a Body Corporate

          Working with a Body Corp is one of the many things we’re expert in.

          In New Zealand ‘Bodies Corporate’ have certain Legal obligations under the Unit Titles Act 2010 (UTA) and it pays to understand how they work and the legalities that surround them.

          At GWE Property we understand the law relating to the responsibilities of the Body Corporate, but more than that we have experience of how to ensure these are correctly interpreted in ‘real life’ situations. We do it differently, we do it professionally and we might just save you considerable expense.