Technical Due Diligence & Group Acquisition

Doing your technical due diligence means you are prewarned and prepared for future expenses – that puts you in a strong negotiating postion on price, right at the start.

“Cutting out the fluff and getting to the point is vital. We believe our reports provide simple, concise and focused information to help you make an informed decision.”

Over the years, we have provided tailor- made technical due diligence on simple individual properties as well as large corporate acquisitions.

  • RWe can provide a thorough but realistic review ensuring the building is understood and is fit for purpose.
  • RWe can identify all the risks and provide relevant and useful information to support high quality decision making to your investment syndicate, property, operation or legal teams.

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We offer a very broad range of services across both commercial and large residential property projects. If you’re not sure what you need or whether we can help, please simply GET IN TOUCH.

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What our clients say

"I was having problems with my body corporate and a decision they made regarding visitors parking, which was regularly obstructing my carport. I was looking for a professional and came across GWE Property and Building Advice during my Google search. Ben was a compassionate and caring professional from the first phone call. He was certainly knowledgeable and empathetic, having been in a similar personal situation. This made the experience very relaxing because I knew I was in good hands. My parking space was evaluated discreetly, and an excellent and fair letter was written for me to return to my body corp. GWE relieved a tremendous amount of stress for which I am eternally grateful. This type of service is undoubtedly beneficial to those who lack the knowledge or know-how to approach such issues. Thank you once more, GWE!"

Jasmine George  |  Takapuna