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Body Corporate, Long Term Maintenance Plans & Unit Titles Act 2010

  • tWe are a Body Corporate and need some assistance
  • tI am considering buying a property in a property where there is a Body Corporate

Working with a Body Corp is one of the many things we’re expert in.

In New Zealand ‘Bodies Corporate’ have certain Legal obligations under the Unit Titles Act 2010 (UTA) and it pays to understand how they work and the legalities that surround them.

At GWE Property we understand the law relating to the responsibilities of the Body Corporate, but more than that we have experience of how to ensure these are correctly interpreted in ‘real life’ situations. We do it differently, we do it professionally and we might just save you considerable expense.

Pre Purchase Inspection Reports

What do you want to get from your project and has your consultant really advised you on the most appropriate way to deliver your project successfully? On time, to a reasonable standard and on budget?

Compliance, Fire and Code Compliance

Our collective experience working across many different continents, and specifically in New Zealand ensures, by instructing us, you can have confidence in making sure your property or estate is compliant and safe for…

Poor Workmanship, Failing Components, Defective Diagnosis, Building Pathology

In a lot of ways us humans get this inexplicable sense of something not being quite right, I am not sure how we do this but we do. Sometimes, though, we can be a little down on buildings in New Zealand anticipating things are going to be a disaster but is this entirely fair?

Design Project Coordination and Management

What do you want to get from your project and has your consultant really advised you on the most appropriate way to deliver your project successfully? On time, to a reasonable standard and on budget?

Procurement Advice

What are the three most important aspects of your project? The reason we ask this is quite important because which ever one you pick will inform the most appropriate procurement route for your project. If you haven’t been asked this question at the outset then its probably wise to give us a call.

Construction Phase Project Management

We will work with you (homeowner, developer, contractor or other consultant) to lead your project at the point at which your project is fully designed, consented and your chosen building contractor is formally appointed.

Contract Administration

GWE Property have extensive experience of administering NZS:3910 and performing the duty of Engineer to the Contract and, on some occasions the duty of Engineers Representative. Whilst the Engineer to the Contract must remain an independent person ensuring the contractual obligations of all Parties are met the way this is approached…

Technical Assurance, Site Observation & Quality Audits

Our team has decades worth of experience in designing, procuring, and managing construction projects in domestic, commercial, industrial and specialist environments. 

Code Compliance Administration

Our Code Compliance Administration Service means that we collate and submit the documentation necessary to apply for your Code Compliance Certificate. If you require advice on outstanding Code Compliance issues or Certificates of Acceptance please refer to our other services.


GWE Property has a great deal of experience in supporting policyholders in the process of commencing an insurance claim or resolving disputes on your behalf. Our team can assist you with the following for you, quickly and easily, so you can reduce the stress and disruption whilst ensuring your property is fully reinstated to an acceptable standard.

Investment Monitoring


Pre Development Surveys

Having spent many years working through disputes on both sides of the fence we have found that its all won and lost around the evidence available before and after the construction process begins. As a builder, developer or infrastructure specialist working in a tight site or one where the site is adjacent to buildings or structures it makes sense to…

Long Term Maintenance Plans (LTMP)

The Unit Titles Act places an obligation on the Body Corporate to prepare and maintain a considered Long Term Maintenance Plan (LTMP) which projects anticipated costs for a minimum period of at least 10 years from the date of the plan. Having reviewed many of these we generally find that many LTMP‘s focus on short maintenance cycle activities…